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Default Cheap solution

I have thousands of UMs and, until recently, was using plastic baseball card storage pages in 3-ring binders to hold them. Each page has 9 pockets. I bought the card holding pages at WalMart by the collectors sport cards. A pack of 10 was only a few dollars.

These pages are also great for storing your ATCs in a binder - 9 per page!

When I want to stamp with the UMs, I simply put a piece of double-stick Scotch tape on a block of acrylic or a mounted stamp, slapped on teh UM inage and stamped it (a bit of cushioning under the paper helps make a clear image). WHen I'm done stamping I pull off the UM and drop it into a bowl of water or across a wet washcloth.

I did have to switch from the baseball card pages to video boxes recently - I had too many UMs in too many categories for the binder system. But with only 300+ you shouldn't have any problem.

Once you go UM you won't want to go back.

Good Luck!
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