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Red face Some suggestions for categorizing your UMs

Originally Posted by restingrabbit View Post
... what do I do to organize all these stamps so I can use them?
Wow!! I do believe you will be overwhelmed when they arrive!! Congratulations (I guess) on winning the bid.

There are so many ways to store UMs it becomes a personal choice depending on your current stamping set-up. Do you have an exclusive room? Do you have lots of bookshelf space? (for 3-ring binders) Or, do you have more options for storing video cassette plastic cases?? Some people love the EZMount plastic 3-ring insert pages that allow cling-mounted stamps to stick to these pages; after a significant amount of these have been added to the binder, though, it becomes very heavy and awkward to pull off a shelf. How are your wrists?

Others categorize into themes that make the most sense to them, and store like UMs in CD jewel cases -- placing white cardstock inside and stamping the image that the case contains.

If you have too many in one theme, you might like the video cassette boxes. You can still stamp an index on the cardstock inserted inside the cassette, and the thicker binding edge allows for more detailed labelling than the jewel cases.

What you might want to do is invest in a couple of sheets of Tack-n-Peel. It's a clingy, spongy cushion that you place onto your acrylic block; and even though it's somewhat cloudy, you can pretty much see through it. That'll save you big bucks initially on other forms of cling vinyl, but will allow you to slap your UM onto the Tack-n-Peel, stamp, identify, categorize, etc., without a hugh cash outlay.

Just some suggestions..... good luck!!

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