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Default fixin stuff

Any type of loose material such as pencil, charcoal and pastels(chalks) can be fixed with workable fixative and it can be used as a final spray as well. It however does not give any uv protection.
Most(many) pastel artists do not fix a final work (what a pain it is to frame those)as it can lead to color changes but do use workable fixative lightly to retooth the surface and keep smudging to a minimum.
The real problem in using clear sprays as fixative is that they can change the look of pastels and charcoal and I know the companies all say they don't yellow but in my experience they do. Now I have not tested the UVLS sprays from Golden on chalk but they work very well on colored pencil ,acrylic and collage so I would start there with the matte one of course.
If you like shiny the triple thick from Krylon is good on completely colored surfaces.