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HI laurel:

First stamp image is a stamp that say BABY..

The next photo there is:
Large Heart been used,,the blue stamp is of lines,
Row two has a stamp that has ballon and a birthday hat and birthday cake, then the next stamp has three items on the stamp the middle is a flower the other two in that stamp i cant tell,, next is a blue stamp that say blessed,memmories,autumn,,, next is a bold stamp of a pumkin,,then there is a pillow stamp with ruffles around the pillow and the center has roses,,,there is also a starflake stam and a stamp that say Christ has Risen and its got a cross and sky etc,,the last is a candelabra i think that is what is called..

Let me know if you can use any one of them and they are yours for the trading..
If not i guess we will have to cancel our trade...

Happy Stamping

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