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Default DIY: flower press

DIY: it is easy to make a quick flower press using 2 plywood pieces cut to the same size, 4-8 long (3-6 inches long) screws, equal amount of wing nuts to fit the screws, a few sheets of corrugated cardboard, cut slightly smaller than the plywood pieces, & a stack of blotter paper,also cut slightly smaller than the plywood pieces.

Drill holes slightly larger than the screw size, on the plywood sheet at each corner 1-1.5 inch in from the edges. Make sure the holes are in the same spot on each corner of each plywood piece. If you are making a larger press, then at the half of each side drill holes on each side. Thread the long screws through each hole. On the corrugated cardboard, cut of each corner to allow a place for the screw to pass through. Place 1 sheet of corrugated cardboard on top of the pkywood, add 1 sheet of blotter paper cut to same size, shape of corrugated cardboard. Place item to be dried on top of blotter paper, top with another sheet of blotter paper, follow with a sheet of corrugated cardboard. repeat until you have all the items you wish to press inside press, ending with a last piece of corrugated cardboard. place remaining plywood piece on top, threading screws through holes, screw on wing nuts & gently tighten screws down. Each day, slightly tighten screws a bit more, this helps keep the items being pressed flat. Check after 3 days for dryness. keep items in press until completely dry or till items are needed.
I have a 15x15 & a 10x24 press, I use them often. I have dried really thin items [orchids, violets, light ferns] to thick items [roses, seed pods, heavy fern leaves]. all have come out great. The blotting paper does get stained & will form around the thicker items. It is still useable until it it is really rippled or heavily stained. Blotter paper is available at office supply stores, make sure it is archival.
Please feel free to ask questions.

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