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then let em cancel. my dh has been editor/publisher of our local paper for almost 25 years. yes there are those who b*tch about the paper, "its not what i want to read", "MY kid isn't in there EVERY WEEK", "why is so and so's pic in AGAIN", and "how dare you publish my ticket (even tho its public record), or im gonna sue you cuz you published my court info cuz i was stupid enough to grow and sell pot" etc. they threaten to unsub, and let em. i believe if they want to do that, they are refunded the unused. that's life honey, can't please em all. i don't think it was a good move to publish the threat, I wouldn't have if I were editor. i'd just let it roll off, but thats me. One of my long time stamp vendor friends used to say "they will b*tch if you hang them with a new rope."

taking off my "mrs. editor hat" now ")
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