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Some places that I've had luck with getting dies and stamps:

Ebay - I haven't bought from there recently, but I was able to get a number of individual stamps or lots/grab boxes or dies for reasonable prices

Buy/sell area from other stamp forums - most do payment with paypal, however, some will accept money order
--> prices are generally reasonable as many are destashing as they are retired or getting out of stamping

Online stamp stores like VLVS or IBFS usually have clearance sections or specials which are a good way to get stamps as well

Tuesday Morning - if you have one nearby, usually has craft shipments every week and every so often it will be dies. You can check Tuesday Morning hauls on youtube to see if that week included dies. Since it's overstock items, not every store gets the same items or the same amount of items

Garage sales - I haven't had luck with these, but I know some people that have had great luck checking out garage sales or similar
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