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Default ATC Swap: Just Add: Heat

ATC Swap: Just Add: Heat
Due: Wednesday, July 15, 2016

This series is a continuation of the "ATC Swap Featuring:" series but I am changing it to "Just Add:" and will continue it through the year.

This time I challenge you to Just Add: Heat in any way.
Heat melts, burns, discolors; causes things to bubble, boil, dry out or evaporate. Perhaps you would use a heat tool, iron, fire/flame, sunshine. Anything coming to your mind?

Please no nudes.
Make 9 ATCs. Send 8.
Please sign your ATCs and include how you incorporated the Featured item in your art.
Send in a 9-Pocket Page. Include: 4 1st class postage stamps, 2 return labels.
I will supply the return envelope.

Future swaps in this series may include some of these ideas. Do you have ideas of what we can "Just Add" to our art?
-chalk/pastels/oil pastels

My address is:
16130 Frontier Ct
Dubuque, IA 52002

1. Deb Lovett
2. Gamegirl - received
3. Renee - received
4. Pat/CritterPortraits - received
5. alsmouse - received
6. Traciemvp - received
7. cgstamper - received
8. Yankee - received

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