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Default DIY Sponge Daubers

Many moons ago, I purchased some makeup sponges from a local dollar store. Unfortunately, they never worked out the way I had pictured in my mind. Although I knew and had been told that round sponge daubers wouldn't leave lines the way that square or rectangle ones would, I stubbornly tried to make what I had work.

Then I bought some brushes from Judikins through a vendor at the Heirloom. Those never worked for me the way that they were demonstrated. I had all but given up on sponge daubing. And I just couldn't make myself buy what was on the market for whatever reason: price, size, quantity, etc.

After watching numerous videos lately and not having all the supplies that were necessary to make ones similar to them, I finally came up with something that I can not only live with, but that works and that I like and that I had all the tools and supplies in which to make them. Ahhhh, satisfaction at last.

Thus begins my tutorial.
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