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Default Dried out glue sticks?

I don't know about you but this one is such a pain. Busy working and need the glue… only to find out it's unusable. Some of this is common sense. Keep the lid and tube threads clean -- a baby wipe works, might need to use a finger nail to scrap a bit. If the lid fits it will seal shut properly. If the glue is hardly sticky or completely dry you might be able to rescue it.
- if totally dried out cut the end of the glue itself off a tiny slice
- fold a bit of paper towel to fit inside the tube
- get the paper towel wet but not drippy
- put this on top of the glue itself
- screw the lid back on
- wait a few hours or over night
- pull out the paper towel and test it out
- repeat if necessary
I use Uhu and this always works even when I've left the lid off for several days. I've had luck with two other brands as well but not as great.

Note: this also works for acrylic gel medium. I use Golden Extra Heavy Gel and have had it dry out -- it's so expensive I panicked! I took a larger piece of paper towel and did the same thing. 24 hours later is back to it's smooth magic self… minus a few chunks I picked out.
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