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Default Wish list

I've _always_ got a wish list. Here's my current list.

Onion approx. 2", little rootlets, like you get in the grocery store, no leaves

Screws approx.1/4", flat head and phillips head, just the top, individual and row

Vacuum upright, approx. 3", no cord, vintage or modern

Mushroom cloud like an editorial cartoon, proportions are an issue for this

Bowling ball bomb with lit fuse, small, cartoon style

Cubby arial bomb with fins, 2" or less, no atomic symbol, cartoon style

Dog biscuit, any size, like milk bone stereotype (not a plain bone)

I'm a real rubber on a wood mount type. I will suffer a clear or cling stamp if it's absolutely perfect. eBay has been good to me lately but I prefer buying directly from vendors or trading.
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