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stampin stacy 08-04-2013 07:05 AM

managing photo gallery
You may remember I maxed out my gallery lately and had to do a major purge. While doing so I figured out an easier way than; pulling up every photo individually, checking edit and then delete for every photo.
Here is what I found:

1 go to gallery

2 click profile

3 click statistics

4 click on photo notifications/manage photos; comes up blank initially but if you click on another gallery than member and or another search item like number of photos then your photos in the gallery selected will come up. For some reason if you just press enter again while leaving member gallery as your choice it will come up blank again, you must change something. I just always changed to max mumber of photo's it would allow, it's only 24 anyway.

5 you can now click/change from save to delete. If you have lots of pics it will still take a while since only 24 come up at a time but lots better than multi-clicking on one pic at a time.

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