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Deb Lovett 06-22-2011 10:27 AM

resizing photos??
The photos I took with my camera seem to be too large to upload to threads. How do I resize them? What size do they need to be?

Sorry if this is posted somewhere. I'm not the sharpest with the computer!

CritterPortraits 06-22-2011 12:14 PM

Hi Deb...
the free program Picasa (google) will let you resize and do basic editing of images.

I believe the max size is 39 K for RSC but I will check that and edit if different. I save mine as jpgs.

Makes sure you go to SAVE AS when you make your image smaller and save it with a" sm" at the end so you know which is the smaller image and you will still have the larger one for printing if needed.

Deb Lovett 06-22-2011 12:23 PM

Thanks so much, Pat/CriterPortraits.
I want to post pictures from our Stamp Get-Together here in Dubuque.

Deb Lovett 06-25-2011 07:02 AM

My husband helped me figure it out for the Mac.
If you are on a Mac and have your photos in iphoto, on the top bar in the file section there is an export button (press it), you will then be able to resize it (medium seems to be OK). Press export. You will then be able to decide what file to put the picture in (I made a new file called RSC). Hope this helps. It helped me to write it out. I know I will forget and need to check my directions.

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